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The Laws and You

Consumer Protection Act 1999

Consumer Protection Act 1999 (Amendments 2011)

Copyright and Designs Act 2004

Sale of Goods Act 1978

Sale of Goods Amendment Act 2002

Sale of Goods Act 1978 As Amended 2002

Guide to the Sale of Goods Act for Retailers


Supply of Services Implied Terms Act 2003



Auto and Cycle Repairs

Bake Sale Requirements

Budget Planner CA

Budgeting Tips

Buying a New Motor Bike - Tips

Complaint Process

Consumer Guide to New Car Purchases

Consumer Protection Act 1999

Customer Service Guide


Food Labels

Guide to Buying a New Car       

Gift Cards

Grocery Shopping Tips

Guide to the Sale of Goods Act for Retailers

Home Repairs

Home Conveyance Information

Hurricane Tips

Identity Theft

Landlord and Tenant Act Revised 1989

Landlord and Tenant Relationship

Mattress Buying

Making a Complaint

Misuse of Drugs Act 1972

Misuse of Drugs Amendment Act 2005

Money Management Plan

Multi-Level Marketing/Pyramid Schemes

National Pension Scheme (OCCUPATIONAL PENSIONS) Act 1998

National Training Board Act 1997

Pedlars Act 1894

Phishing Scams

Planning A Wedding 

Promoting Confident Consumers                          

Recall Notification Form

Rent Increases (Domestic Premises) Control Act 1978

Report - Food Prices in Bermuda Feb2014

Responsible Trader Booklet        

Sample Refund Letter

Senior Safety Tips

Senior Scams to Avoid

Shop With Confidence

Shopping on the Internet

Small Claims Court Guide

Small Claims Court Fee Schedule

Snowball Stand Requirements 

Strong Families Toolkit

The Laws and You 

The TCD Guide to Selling Your Car                         

The World of Copyright and You

Tips for Tough Times

Vehicle Repair Tips

Your First Motorbike            

Youth Guide to the Bermuda Court System English

Youth Guide to the Bermuda Court System Portuguese